Enet Services

Support: Enet support services.

Interactive Accounts: Information for New Users.
Enet new account forms .

Other Forms: SignOutSheet.txt (formated for direct printing).

Software: Some Software available on Enet systems.

Operating Systems: Linux - open SUSE .
Windows - Windows 7, Windows 10.

The Below are no longer used for desktop machines:
Linux - Red Hat.
Unix - Solaris.
Unix - FreeBSD.

Presentations: Checking out Projectors, Laptops and Cameras.
Projector, Laptop and Camera Reservation Status (Current - for the next week)

E-Mail Lists:

Most Email lists are Run by the University
Information on @umn.edu Mailing Lists (Google Groups)

Enet Majordomo Mailing list services (depreciated).

Web Pages: AEM Course Webpage Management - contact the AEM Webmaster wwwmaster@aem.umn.edu.
ISYE Course Webpage Management.
ME Course Webpage Management.

Enet Users' home pages.
How to create a home page for yourself.
How to password protect a subdirectory in your home page.

Scanner: Flatbed scanner instructions.

Network: Wired Connections.
Enet VPN.
UofM Wireless.

Posters: How to print posters with Enet.