Reserving Equipment for Checkout
We are in MechE 376.

This equipment is for AEM, ISYE, or ME Department Use only.

All of the below equipment should be reserved by emailing a Reservation Request to:
Enet Checkout Staff <>
or visiting us in person in MechE 376.

Reservations should be made at least two full working days in advance, and
Include the following, or your request may be rejected or delayed:

Emails must include your UofM e-mail address ( as we need verification of your connection to the AEM, ISYE or ME department.

If you come to us in person - you may have to wait as we check that no-one is ahead of you (e-mails have precedence) and set up the reservation.


Those wishing to check out these items MUST show a current ID ( U-Card or MN Drivers License ).

The reservation status for all equipment for the next seven days can be checked here.

Note - please don't expect the Enet Checkout Staff to be in the office outside these hours:

It takes at least one full working day (sometimes two) to process a reservation request. That means - if you want something on Monday morning at 8:00 AM, you should send in your request before 8:00 AM Thursday Morning. Reservations are on a first come first served basis - so it is recommended that you send in your request at least 1 week in advance. Unusual or extended-use reservations require extra approvals and we will need more time to process them. Checkouts that require the equipment to be out overnight or for extended periods are discouraged.

Note that if any of these items are being taken off campus the appropriate form to take University Property "off site" must be filled out ahead of time (leave yourself an extra half hour to do this).

Please remember when reserving these items that they are a limited resource and that other people may need to use them. So do not reserve any of these items unless you know you are going to need them, and please let the systems staff know if you are not going to be needing a reserved item so we can make it available to other people. Anyone that repeatedly abuses the use of these items by reserving them and not picking them up may lose their priveleges.

Currently, all of the equipment is available on a first-come-first-serve basis, but Enet reserves the right to implement more restrictive policies if the need arises.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you ask for the username and password to log in to the laptop when you check it out.
It is the your responsibility to make sure that you know how the presentation equipment works well in advance of the presentation. It is a good idea to test everything out well in advance to make sure you are familiar with everything and that it is all working. Additionally, it is your responsibility to make sure that any presentation files or software needed on the laptops are available on the machine you wish to use (you will not be able to install software on the machines yourself).

Click on each item below for details.

LCD and DLP Projectors

We have a number of LCD/DLP Projectors (which allow the video output of a computer to be displayed on a wall or screen).
These LCD/DLP Projectors are available for checkout:

Notebook Computers

For use with both the DLP and Proxima, these notebook computers are available for checkout:
(Make sure you ask for password when you check it out)

Video Recorders / Digital Cameras


We have some other equipement that may be useful, such as Tripods, projector screens, USB DVD players.

All Enet Equipment for Checkout