All AEM and ME Computers &
Network Capable Devices (including virtual devices),
paid for by a University of Minnesota Controlled budget or
owned by the University of Minnesota in any way,
- MUST be REGISTERED with Enet
- You MUST WAIT for authorization BEFORE you connect it.

NOTE: Registering the computer does NOT make any changes to the computer itself (we are maintining an inventory for the departments).

Any device that will use a network jack (in the Mechanical Engineering, or Akerman Hall Buildings, or AEM rooms in Shepherd Labs)
- MUST be REGISTERED with Enet
- You MUST WAIT for authorization BEFORE you connect it.

Registering a Computer or Network Capable Device:

FORM: Computer Registration Form (use this form to register a computer).

WARNING: Warning about Administrative Accounts - Windows, MacOS, Linux, etc. .

SETUP: Setting up any machine (when you first turn it on) - Windows, MacOS, Linux, etc.

INSTRUCTIONS: Computer Registration Form - Detailed Instructions.

INSTRUCTIONS: Finding the Ethernet Address of a Computer.

Active Directory: Template Instructions on how to attach a Windows machine to
( Enet will email personalized instructions).

POLICIES: Enet Computer and Network Usage Policies.

MOVING A COMPUTER to a new room and/or jack:

If this is to MOVE a REGISTERED machine from one jack to another, please make that clear (in most cases we only need your name, email, the machine name, the serial number OR Ethernet Address and all of the room and jack information). We recommend you let us know about a move when you start planning for it (several days in advance) so we can make sure there are jacks ready in the destination room. It can take a week (or more in some buildings) to get a jack turned on in a room that has no ready jacks in it.


If you are purchasing a new computer, we suggest you complete the registration form with as much information as you can, when you order it (send the serial number and Hardware ethernet addresses when it arrives). This way we can have the network jack wired, have the computer name reserved, and set things up so the machine is ready to connect to Active Directory as soon as the network is up.

Enet controls jacks in these buildings:

Permission to connect your machine to the Network will not be given until ALL of the information in the
Computer Registration Form
is filled in and submitted to
Enet (
(ASCII TEXT ONLY - other forms will be refused - use a text editor like NOTEPAD, VI, EMACS, or Textedit to edit the form - DOCUMENT Editor files are NOT ASCII TEXT).

Contact Enet if you have questions.

Notes and WARNINGS:

Questions? Mail to