Registering a Computer or Network Capable Device

All AEM, ISYE, and ME Computers & Network Capable Devices (including virtual devices)
paid for by a University of Minnesota Controlled budget or
owned by the University of Minnesota in any way,
MUST be registered with Enet.

POLICIES: Enet Computer and Network Usage Policies

Enet controls jacks in these buildings:

This is information about Registering and
Connecting any Computer or Network Capable Device to the
Enet Networks or Jacks.

FORM: Computer Registration Form

INSTRUCTIONS: Computer Registration Form Instructions
- Also read if a registered machine is moving or being reconnected.

INSTRUCTIONS: Finding the Ethernet Address of a Computer

Notes and WARNINGS:

Permission to connect your machine to the Network will not be given until ALL of the information in the
Computer Registration Form
is filled in and submitted to
Enet (
(ASCII TEXT ONLY - other forms will be refused - use a text editor like NOTEPAD, VI, EMACS, or Textedit to edit the form - DOCUMENT Editor files are NOT ASCII TEXT).

Contact Enet if you have questions.

Questions? Mail to