How To Print Posters with Enet:

We can only accept funds from non-sponsored accounts.


Before sending a poster to be printed, we require a few things.


We charge by the linear feet of paper used, not poster size.
The common width of poster paper is 36 inches
(42 inches is available on request).
Our default paper type is Satin Photo.
We have bond paper upon request.

If you have a series for smaller posters, that can be nested on one page, we will only charge for the amount of paper used (linear feet).
We can print multiple small posters (11x17 for example). Smaller prints submitted at the same time can be nested on larger paper.


  1. Send an email to (from your account) containing the following information:
    (Note: you can only send to that address from email addresses)

If you need faster service you might consider the print shop at Coffman Union (and other locations)

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