How To Print Posters with Enet:

42 inch paper is only available on request and approval.
We need a long lead time as we do not stock 42 inch paper.
It may take more than a week to get the paper.

Please note that the ink in our large format (inkjet) printer is not Archive quality
(it starts fading in as little as 30 days - depending on how much UV light it is exposed to).


Before sending a poster to be printed, we require a few things:

Charges (note, we normally are not actually charging, but we are keeping track of use and may request a Non-Sponsored account string to charge to for multiple posters, or for groups that use this service frequently).


  1. Send an email to (from your account) containing the following information:
    (Note: you can only send to that address from email addresses)

If you need faster service you might consider the print shop at Coffman Union (and other locations)

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