Email:    enet@enet.umn.edu

Phone: (612) 626-9800

Mechanical Engineering
Room 376
111 Church Street
Minneapolis, MN 55455-0150

Enet is:

Enet Can Help With:

Enet CANNOT Allow:

Rules, Rules, Rules
  • Do Read Your Enet Email
  • Do Read Our Policy Pages and the System News
  • Do Use Good Passwords
  • Do Report People Working on Computers and Printers Who You Don't Recognize as Enet Staff
  • Do Report Machines Left Logged in and Un-attended
  • Do Report Broken and Missing Equipment
  • Do Report Problems With Machines
  • Do Send Enet Information on Truely Useful Software

Do Not:
  • Do NOT Allow Anyone Else to Use Your Account(s)
  • Do NOT Give Any of Your Passwords to Anyone (Not even the Enet Staff)
  • Do NOT Allow Anyone Else to Use Your Door Access Card (this is an ID, not a key)
  • Do NOT Turn Off Enet Managed Machines
  • Do NOT Try to Fix Enet Equipment (including printers)
  • Do NOT Plug Anything into the Network Without Authorization (see Registering a Computer or Network Device)
  • Do NOT Disconnect Enet Equipment Connected to the Network