Printing from Enet Managed Unix Systems

NOTE: For information on printing from Windows Machines

Note: we have a new print server running CUPS (
As we make changes we will be updating this documentation. All of our machines should be using the new server.

Enet has a number of printers available to our users. All of the Enet printers are   postscript   printers, meaning that any graphics you print to them need to be in Postscript (.ps) format. Additionally, most of the Enet printers can also print plain text, so you can print source code and other text files. Typically, most Enet application that can print do so by creating a Postscript file.

Printing a File

To print a file, in this example '' (note the file must be either a standard DOS TEXT file or a POSTSCRIPT file), you use the 'lpr' command:

lpr -P printername
where 'printername' is the name of the printer you wish to print to.

Printing to the Xerox DocuCentre Printers

To print a file, in this example '', you use the 'lpr' command:

lpr -P printername -o acct=ACCT-CODE

or (to print Duplex, flipping on the Long side):

lpr -P printername -o 'acct=ACCT-CODE Duplex=DuplexNoTumble'

Printing to the Xerox DocuCentre printers requires the billing account code to be submitted with the job as above; in all other respects, the process should be the same as printing to any other Enet-managed printer.

Checking on and Canceling Print Jobs

The print system works as a queue, where the first jobs submitted are the first jobs printed. To see the current status of the queue for a particular printer, do

lpq -P printername
which lists the current jobs waiting to be printed.

Occasionally you may wish to cancel a print job (it is printing incorrectly or you sent it to the wrong printer or something). To do this you use the lprm command:

lprm -P printername jobid
where jobid is the job number listed with the lpq command.

Currently, the available public lab printers are:

Check the following links for information on:

How Much Have I Printed?

Enet is in the process of implementing a print accounting system. To see how many total pages you have printed this quarter on Enet printers, consult the Enet print accounting page,

Printing Utility Programs:


Due to the cost of printing materials, it is recommended that you preview your files before printing them. To preview your files, send them to the "pdf" printer (lpr -P pdf, also available on Windows) , or use Ghostview. On the Sun and SGI machines,

and on the Linux machines:
to get a graphical view of what your file will look like when printed.


All Enet Unix/Linux platforms include the PS-utilities package, which includes such programs as 'psnup' (combines pages in a document for 2-up, 4-up, etc. printing), 'psselect' (extracts pages from a postscript file), and additional utilities. Read the 'psnup' and 'psselect' man pages for more information. These are especially useful for producing booklets with the duplex printer. See the Duplex Printing with CUPS for more info.


The 'poster' program (currently available only on Linux) enlarges an .eps file, converting it into a .ps file spanning multiple pages, which can be spliced together to form a single image. Useful for producing posters and large banners for conference posters, etc. 'man poster' for more information