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1. Introduction

1.1 What's GanttProject ?

GanttProject is a simple planer of project. At the beginning it's a project realized during studies at University of Marne-la-Vallée (France).

A project could be devide in multi tasks, arrange in a tree.

GanttProject is developed in Java with jsdk>=1.4. It try to look like MrProject because this last has a pretty nice ui (find it at

1.2 Where can I find GanttProject ?

You can download GanttProject on the web site at (web site hosted by

1.3 Execution

First you need to untar the archive by

  gzip -d ganttproject.tar.gz
  tar -xvf ganttproject.tar
under linux or directly with winzip on windows...

The archive contains

  The byte code in ganttproject.jar
  The sources in src.jar
  A directory for icons
  A directory for the manual
  A directory for the javadoc
  Readme and license files

To run the application you must have a virtual machine (>=1.4).

Then just run by java -classpath ganttproject.jar GanttProject

1.4 Preview

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