Things We Shouldn't Have To Tell You

(But Apparently We Have To Anyways)

It has become apparent from recent events that a brief discussion on appropriate user behavior is in order.

This page is dedicated to those aspects of Enet accounts that fall into the categories of "common sense" and "common courtesy". In general, the Enet rules can be summed up as

  1. Don't Be Stupid
  2. Be Nice To Each Other
(Note that in cases of conflict that there is a reason they are rules one and two). Virtually all Enet rules are simply specific instances of one or both of these rules.

To enumerate some specific examples (all of these are combinations of both rule 1 and rule 2):

Do not distribute copyrighted software unless you have permission!

This includes distributing materials such as Install Codes and "cracking" programs without permission. Distributing software in violation of copyright rules is a felony punishable by up to $250,000 fine and 5 years in prison. Enough said.

See: Downloading and/or Sharing Copyrighted Materials

Do not mess with computers and/or printers that are obviously not in working order!

We've had a rash of users messing with computers and printers that have either been shut down for maintenance, or are under repair. Many times the Enet staff has left "Out of Order" notices on machines, only to come back and find that a user has removed the sign, partially re-assembled the machine, and attempted to boot it up. Trust us, if we say it's "Out of Order", it is out of order.

Don't mess with the public lab printers!

The public lab laser printers (especially the color ones) do not take abuse very well. "Abuse" can be defined as any of the following:

Come on, folks, show some sense!

Do not ask the systems staff for help breaking the rules and/or the law!

(For example, pirating software)

We made these rules for a reason. And in the case of breaking the law, we don't want to go to prison with you.

Do not give out your door card to anyone!

Our computers represent a large amount of money, and hence we tend to keep them locked up. Giving out your door card is equivalent to leaving the rooms unlocked.

We've lost thousands of dollars of computer and video equipment in the past, we'd like to keep the rest of it.

Do not share your account!

Your account is for your own personal use only. If someone else needs to use the computer systems, they can come see us in 155 and get their own account.

There is never any reason you should be sharing accounts. Period. Account sharing includes

Do not touch the screen!

All touching the screen does is make it dirty and hard to read. At the very least you shouldn't touch the screen as a courtesy to those using the computer after you leave.

Plan Ahead!

"Failure to plan on your part does not necessarily consitute an emergency on our part." We can't be expected to work ourselves into a frenzy when it was your lack of planning that is causing the problem. Plan ahead.

Classic example: A user needs to borrow the overhead lcd panel for a presentation. 30 minutes before their presentation, they arrive to check out the lcd panel and discover that their computer doesn't work with it.

Read The Fine Manual!

User manuals, man pages, and web pages are there for a reason: providing you with answers to your questions.

If you don't have time to read the manual, we don't have time to read it to you.