Enet Computer Lab Policies

Violation of any of the below policies may result in temporary deactivation of your account, and/or your computer.
Repeated violations may warrant permanent deactivation (as well as other consequences).

You are also resposible for our general Policies Here:
Enet Computer and Network Usage Policies

The following policies apply primarily to machines in MechE 10 - but may also apply to other machines

Do Not Service nor Configure Enet Managed Machines

There is NO reason for ANYONE to be fiddling with the connections on the back of machines.

All the connections you need should be on the FRONT of the machine.

The Monitors and keyboards are NOT to be used for your laptop.

The only people who should be servicing Enet Managed computers are Enet Staff

If you see ANYONE ELSE moving, opening, connecting or disconnecting ANY device to/from any equipment (with the exception of the front panel connectors) or inappropriately making changes to any Enet Managed machine ,please contact us immediately so we take appropriate measures.

Idle Terminals/Consoles

Due to the high demand for lab machines, If you leave a machine logged in for ANY reason, you MUST leave a note indicating the time you left (Note: on Unix Machines the command "soon" will put the appropriate message in the terminal window and start XLOCK with a soon banner).

If you have to leave for a long period of time (10 minutes or more), you MUST log out (NO EXCEPTIONS) so that other users can have access to the consoles.
You MUST also remove your belongings from the areas adjacent to the machines. We stongly suggest ALL of your belongings have your name on them - including zip drives, CDs, Flash drives, etc (so if you leave them behind by accident, we can return them to you).

Note: If you have been away for more than 15 minutes, or there is no indication of when you left, the Enet Staff reserve the right to log you out and move your belongings.

Multiple Console Logins

Due to the limited number of consoles/terminals in each lab, each user should never be logged into more than one console in the computer labs. If you need to access another machine, simply ssh to it from the machine you are on.

'Nice'ing background and/or long running jobs

All background jobs submitted on Enet managed computers must be niced by at least the default nice level of '4' (including any controlling scripts). Nicing a job reduces its priority level and preferrentially allocates the CPU to interactive processes. Please note that in the absence of any other interactive or un-niced jobs, maximum CPU is allocated to the niced job. All un-niced background jobs may be killed.

Generally Only one background job per MACHINE per USER is allowed. You may only run jobs on Linux/Unix machines designated for general use (for other machines you must have the permission of the primary user / owner). If the machine has 4 or more processors, we will allow 2 background jobs for each user.

Note that this policy also applies to CPU-intensive long-running interactive jobs, even if they aren't "background jobs" per se. For example, if you are remotely logging into "crunch" from your office and start a long matlab job running, that job should be niced as well.

For more information see the Nicing and Submitting Background Jobs page.

Good Housekeeping

In order to keep the Enet labs and machines in the best possible shape, users are reminded that having food and beverages in the lab is a privilege. If the lab cleaniness becomes a problem, we will have to ban food and drink from the lab. The lab is NOT a lunch room (nor a party room, nor is it your office).

Cleanliness rules and Guidelines for the lab:

  1. You take responsibility for all trash and stuff around a computer the minute you log in on the console. It doesn't matter if someone else left it there. You are expected to keep the area around a computer you use clean as a condition of your use of that machine. Contact Enet if you see trash left in the computer labs.
  2. Keep your workstation area clean. When you leave for any period, remove your stuff (don't leave your stuff in the computer lab) and clean up any scrap paper, newspapers, food wrappers, etc. (yes - this repeats the first rule - it is an important rule as the computers are shared with others)
  3. Do not use ME10 to store your stuff - it is NOT a locker room nor a storage facility - it is a shared lab space (and your stuff could easily be stolen - we are not responsible if that happens).
  4. DO NOT eat or drink over the computer keyboard, the crumbs from your food will turn the keyboards black and any liquid can damage the keyboard.
  5. DO NOT use the keyboards with oily hands or while eating chips (same problem as above).
  6. If you spill something, clean it up right away (and let the Enet Staff know).
    If anyone spills something on a computer, let the Enet Staff know immediately so we can make sure it is safe to use.
  7. DO NOT touch the screen (it leaves smears). And if you do, please Contact Enet about cleaning the screen (you can borrow cleaning solution from Enet (in our office) - don't try to clean it yourself without instruction as you could PERMANENTLY damage the screen.
  8. Please put chairs back where they belong (and push them in) when you are done using them.
  9. Please dispose of scrap paper around the printer. We've got recycling bins for that purpose.
  10. Please NO TRASH in the recycling bins. Paper goes in the paper recycling, cans and bottles go in the bottle recycling, other trash in the trash.