Connecting to Enet Resources via SSH

Enet users can access Enet machines via SSH (please see SSH-RESTRICTED from OUTSIDE).

Note: From outside Enet networks you can only ssh to:

(they are equivalent machines which allow all users from both domains to log in).
NOTE: You do NOT need to use VPN to connect to the ssh gateways (they are available from everywhere).
From the ssh gateways, you can ssh to other Enet network machines if you wish.

From inside our buildings you may directly ssh into any internal machine which supports ssh (we recommend this whenever possible).

Windows-based SSH

We recommend that Windows users check out this page for SSH client programs:
SSH for Windows

SSH from Apple MacOS X and Linux/Unix

Both Apple MacOS X and Linux have a built in ssh client program.

On both - start a terminal app and the command is "ssh"